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Find a Suitable Place**:** Find a wide open space, even better if it is shaded, that will work if rain is not that much in your place.The space should be wide enough to mix concrete and to pour it in mold. Make the mold: Use plywood planks and nails to make a one side open box with an inner cavity of 300mm (length) x 200mm (width) x 150mm (thick). This is the standard size of a concrete brick.

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How To Write A Business Plan In Nigeria For Start-up / Existing Business-Blackvvell (2004) was dead right when he pointed out that starting a new business venture is like going into a tropical forest on a treasure hunt; with rewards to be won, both in material wealth and in personal satisfaction, but there are dangers lurking and you can easily lose your way.

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The start-up capital will be mainly invested into securing a good location, purchasing of equipment, purchasing of block making materials, registration etc. The following equipment and facilities would be needed for a block industry; Block Moulding Machine: For moulding the cement mortar into blocks.

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In Nigeria, today, the block industry or block making business is undoubted. One of the most fruitful businesses with the capacity to pull in quality income for the entrepreneur. This cannot be unrelated to the ever-increasing demand for housing, posed by an exploding population growth.


There is no set length to a business plan. The average length seems to be 30 to 40 pages, including the supporting documents section. Break the plan down into sections. Set up blocks of time for work with target dates for completion. You may find it effective to spend two evenings

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These blocks are fired in a kiln until they are hard. The process of making bricks generally consists of the following steps: Gathering, crushing, grinding, screening, and mixing the raw materials producing the brick. The setting, drying, firing. Packaging and inventorying is the final processing in the manufacture of bricks.

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A labour intensive set up, what you need is a manual mould. And a large part of the production process, from mixing to moulding will be handled by human labour. A manual set up can be enhanced by the adoption of a manually operated machine. Many of the block industries you see around are set up this way. The process can also be semi-automated.

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Foreign entrepreneurs interested in doing business in Nigeria can wholly own a limited liability company (LLC) with a minimum of 2 shareholders and 2 directors of any nationality. The minimum share capital is US$1 and the entire setup process can be completed within 6 weeks; Foreign corporations are unable to create a wholly foreign owned ...

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Once the whole material and equipment are set, the next thing is to start making the blocks. This requires mixing a proportion of cement, sand, and gravel with water. There's a certain number of blocks that can be made from a bag of cement; about 35 – 40 (9 inches), 50 – 55 (6 inches), and 60 – 65 (4 inches) blocks.

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The increasing need to build new residential houses, offices, churches, mosques, shop, schools, to accommodate the needs of Nigerians, these has made the cement mold ling business a very lucrative business in the country. 15 bags of cements can yield about 500 bags of cements blocks with these you could make about N20,000 per day, and N500 ...

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H.R.Khan said on August 20, 2011. I am interested to start tile manufacturing business at Dhaka Bangladesh. I need to know the total feasibility of this business including (1)land a area required (2) Machinery required and price from china (3) Raw material requirement (4) Working capital required.

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Making bricks is a simple process. You should learn how it is made so you can have an idea how you can set up your manufacturing business. The process starts with mixing sand, water and additives to clay and ground it well. Sand is important so that you can remove the brick from the mold.

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Multi Functional Concrete Block Making Machine. ₦ 750,000. Proudly nigeria made multi functional automated electrically powered concrete block moulding machine. it produces three 6' and two 9' block respectively capacited to produce 1000pcs of 6' block or 1500pcs of 9' blocks per 8hr...

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I have about 700k. Re: Cost Of Setting Up A Block Industry by stagger: 1:39pm On Dec 13, 2013. Katier00 : Thanks dear, i am in abuja and i intend to rent a land. I have about 700k. I doubt if you can afford to start this biz in Abuja with 700k and be able to compete with the Finze or Gongola industries.

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Check out the current prices of cement here. 7. After making sure that the whole material and equipment are set, you will then have to start producing quality blocks through mixing a proportion of cement, sand, and gravel with water. Also, note that the blocks come in different sizes like 9 inches, 6 inches, or 4 inches.

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How To Set Up A Block Making Industry - Business - Nairaland. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Business / How To Set Up A Block Making Industry (4561 Views) ... To be sure, the scope of the company is not only withing Nigeria,as the company has engage in training different company workers in Ghana and some big soap company in Nigeria.

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Today, concrete block manufacturing is a highly automated process that can produce up to 2,000 blocks per hour. Raw Materials The concrete commonly used to make concrete blocks is a mixture of powdered portland cement, water, sand, and gravel.