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Winchester Model 1300 Speed Pump. $375.00. Seller's Description. Savage Model 99F Carbine in 308 Win caliber, manufactured in 1961, serial #1025145. 22" barrel, Excellent Bore, Bright with Strong Rifling, Checkered Pistol-Grip Stock and Forend, Sling Studs, Gold Trigger, Brass Round Counter, Metal Buttplate, Cocking Indicator, Tang Safety, Open ...

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The Savage Model 99 lever-action rifle is no longer in production, and over the past two decades or so the .300 Savage has faded in popularity, eclipsed by its own progeny the .308 Winchester and other more powerful short-action cartridges. Despite its decline as a sporting round, the .300 Savage remains quite popular with handloaders.

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Savage 99F .308 Safety is on the lever. On the lever boss it looks like an SP or a dS and the other oval contains the number 236. Serial number is 901XXX Older rifle.. I think from the late 50s. Uses a 5-round rotary internal magazine and is lever action. Has a K4-60-B Weaver scope and mounts from the same era. Origianal blueing on the rifle.

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Just curious.....I've recently picked up a pre-mil Savage 99F in .243 caliber. I therefore will be selling my post-mil 99F (also in .243). It is in 95% condition and a really nice rifle, particularly for a left-hander who prefers the shotgun style safety. What has me a bit confused is that I have had two offers in the $600 range for it.

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Seller's Description: LSB#: 131107MS03 Make: Savage Arms Corporation Model: 99F Featherweight (Solid Frame) Serial Number: 905633 Year of Manufacture: 1956 (H on Lever Boss) Caliber: .308 Winchester Action Type: Lever Action with Internal Rotary Magazine Markings: The lever boss is marked "17H" in a circle. The left side of the barrel is marked "308 WIN." and with an ovalled "SP".

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The value range on that model run from $75 in poor condition up to $1000 for excellent condition. The book also says that the 99F is the first Savage made that shows the model designation visible on the outside. It would be located on right rear of barrel.

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They are fun guns and a nod to an earlier time in the hunting sports. Well worth a little TLC! They do the same thing a Browning BLR does In a lever gun, for a little more than half the price in today's market. Last edited by reivertom; 02/08/18 . Re: Savage 99F .308 [ Re: 99savagenewbie ] #12623117 02/08/18.

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Price is $500, and they don't deal at this Gander Mt. Gun is in decent shape, with some blue wear on the lever, has a faint SS# scratched on the underside in the action, and a crap scope, which I would remove anyway. I'm thinking of going back for it, but know next to nothing about lever guns like this, just always liked the Savage 99 in 308.

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Savage 10 FCP-SR 308 Win Law Enforcement Bolt Action Rifle with Tan Digital Camo Stock. $1,250.00 $989.99. Notify Me When Available. Brand: Savage. Item Number: 19480.

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The Savage 99 .243 I haven't had the chance to look at this one yet but its just as nice as the other Savage 99 plus I am already better set up for .243 but if a 300 or 308 comes up I might snap one up. Right now I know of a Winchester Model 88 in 308 …

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Price High. Manufacturer. ... Guns Listing ID: 292803 The Savage Arms Model 99 is an iconic lever-action that was produced from 1899 to 1998. ... Savage 99F (Featherweight) 1961 Chicopee Falls Mass Quality .308 Desirable 99F Sought After in This Cal . GI#: 101742008.

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The savage model 99F featherweight was made from 1920-1940.The regular savage model 99F was made from 1955-1973.The value of these two …

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Savage 99F 308 Winchester. *** SOLD *** SOLD *** 1969 (boss code 29W) Savage 99F Featherweight 308 Winchester (serial # 1140262) with 22" lightweight barrel with a Banner 3x8 scope on top. This 99F remains in very good condition with a shiny bore. Take this versatile 308 caliber on your next hunt.

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Savage - 11FCXP3 308 WIN Youth Rifle Package.308 Winchester: $400.00: Savage - 111FCXP3 270 WIN Rifle Package.270 Winchester: $400.00: Savage - 111FCXP3 30-06 Rifle Package.30-06 Springfield: $400.00: Savage - 111FCXP3 300 WIN Rifle Package.300 WSM Win Short Mag: $400.00: Savage - 111F 30-06 SPG w/Scope Black Synthetic Stock Rifle.30-06 ...

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Several of the dealers told me it was a 99f, two told me it was a 99e and two others told me I have an 99EG ( most likely from what I looked up so far.). It is, like a said, a Savage 99 chambered in .308 winchester. The serial 949XXX told me it's a later 1950's model, and I believe the code on the lever is a "J" which puts it at 1958 (?).

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I got the Savage rifle and a Mossberg 500 12 GA w/ 18.5 and 28" barrel for $700. The Mossberg dates to 1985 and was/is new in box, with all paperwork and accessories I didn't really want the Savage but wanted the shotgun and it was an all or nothing type of deal.

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The savage model 99F featherweight was made from 1920-1940.The regular savage model 99F was made from 1955-1973.The value of these two …

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The value of the Savage model 99 lever action 308 varies greatly depending on its condition and age. ... The savage model 99F,which was produced from 1955-1973 is valued at between 265-500 dollars ...

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1960 Savage 99F .308 Winchester for sale online.

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Savage 99F .300 Savage (Mfg 1956) Description: This is a Savage 99F lever action rifle chambered for .300 savage. This rifle has a 22" barrel with clean sharp rifling and cycles smoothly with a jeweled bolt. The lever boss code dates this rifle to 1956. The metal finish has wear from use and age.

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Description: Savage model 99F, bluing wood 99% This firearm was probably fired less than 20 times. This is an excellent gun for a hunter or collector. Features tang safety, cartridge counter, case hardened lever. This firearm features open sights and a Savage 4X scope on Savage rings and bases. Leather scope cover included.

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Savage 99F 308 Winchester. Description: *** SOLD *** SOLD *** 1967 (boss code 14U) Savage 99F Featherweight (serial # 1136286) in 308 Winchester with 22" barrel and shiny bore. If you have been waiting for a good looking 99F in 308 Winchester, you may have just found it. Convenient top tang safety is ideal for both right and left handed shooters.

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.308 win. savage model 99 a series winchester 22" lever action rifle mfd 1980 simi valley, ca 93065: used: 9/6/2021: $1,455.00 : 1958 savage model 99f .308 win. lever action rifle 21070024 22 inch " barrel beaumont, tx 77708: used: 9/5/2021: $456.00 : other model .308 win. savage arms model 10 22 inch " barrel clermont, fl 34711: used: 9/2/2021 ...

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Description: This is a Savage model 99M rifle in caliber 308 Winchester. Overall condition is excellent. It has a Simmons Pro Hunter 3-9x40WA scope mounted. If you are interested in this item please contact us through e-mail. Do not click the BUY IT selection. Please provide the zip code of …

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The 12 month average price is $852.59 used. The used value of a SAVAGE 99 rifle has risen $91.71 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $890.16 . The demand of new SAVAGE 99 rifle's has not changed over the past 12 months. The demand of used SAVAGE 99 rifle's has risen 26 …

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LSB#: 120907AH17 Make: Savage Arms Corporation Model: 99F Serial Number: 1063449 Year of Manufacture: 1963 Caliber: .308 Winchester Action Type: Lever Action with Internal Rotary Magazine Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked "308 Win". The right side of the barrel is marked "Savage High Pressure Steel - Proof Tested".

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The Savage 99 in 308 is an extremely usable and flexible rifle. For the reloader, a 308 is the gun for any occasion. With a 150 grain jacketed bullet: full power (factory load) at 2800 fps. Drop down to 2700 fps and you have original 30-06 performance. Drop to 2600 fps and you have a duplicate to the 300 Savage.

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A) Savage Model 99F Rifle. NE - GOOD- in working condition, wear on working surfaces, finish 40% - 79%, no broken parts, no corrosion or pitting that will interfere with proper functioning, but may have some minor surface pitting. Wood condition commensurable with percent of finish with dings and dents associated with 40% - 79% gun.

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Savage Model 99F 308 Win High Condition. Description: Savge model 99F in 308 Win.Built in 1957,this rifle has an unusual combination of old and new features not often found in 99s.The older features include the brass shell counter,cocking indicator,lever safety,hand checkered wood,steel buttpalte,and dtilled and tapped for a tang sight.The ...

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Savage model 99m in 308. M stands for monte carlo stock. It was on a number of different models. There is no model M, even though, I know, it is marked that way. A 99M marked Savage 99 is the Savage 99DL. Savage- "never say never".

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Makes quite a difference in price. A post mil 99 in 308 could be an E, F, A, CD, etc. The Winchester calibers are a bit more desireable than the Savage calibers, given all other things equal. Added sling swivel studs, stock compasses, and other bubba add ons will decrease value. Receiver sight might be the exception to that rule.