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Personal Computer - IBM, PS/2 Model 30-286, circa 1990

A personal computer system, consisting of a desktop computer with 3.5" floppy disk drive, colour monitor and alphanumeric keyboard. The Personal System/2 (PS/2) Model 30-286 was made by Intermational Business Machines, circa 1990. The IBM PS/2 Model 30 computer was first released in 1987 with 8086 Intel CPU's. Later release models have the Intel 286 CPU.

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IBM PS/2 Model 30 (8530) 286 @ 10MHz - Galerie DOS / WIN9x ...

Die Onboard-Lösung des Model 30 286 mit 256 kb Videospeicher ist in meinen Augen auch eine große Bremse. Dank ISA-Slot, ist unkompliziert etwas Schnelleres eingebaut. 3DBench steigt um …

IBM PERSONAL SYSTEM/2 (R) MODEL 30 286 (8530-H21)

The IBM Personal System/2 Model 30 286 is a new entry level 80286. version of the Model 30. This model combines existing Model 30. function with improved processor performance, 1.44MB diskette. drive capacity and Video Graphics Array (VGA) graphics. The Model. 30 286 uses the Intel (1) 80286 processor and operates at 10MHz.

IBM Personal System/2 - Technology - Models

Later ISA PS/2 models comprised the Model 30-286 (a Model 30 with an Intel 286 CPU), Model 35 (IBM 8535) and Model 40 (IBM 8540) with Intel 386SX or IBM 386SLC processors. The higher-numbered models were equipped with the MCA bus and mostly ESDI or SCSI hard drives (models 60-041 and 80-041 being MFM based).


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Posts about IBM model 30 286 written by justinwl. Last month I did a article on the IBM Model 55sx, A machine I myself was not to crazy about. It was certainly functional but hampered by so many little things and a few big things as well such as the proprietary MCA expansion ports.

IBM PS/2 model 30-286, L40, 43, 55, 57, 70, OEM ...

Original programs, games and utilities installed at factory by IBM. Use these files to restore a IBM PS/2 model 30-286 (8530-E41) or similar PS/2 286 system to factory specification. These programs seem to be tuned for the academic market. As evidenced by the "Readme First!" file, this set was also used in at least the following IBM PS/2 models:

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Mar 30 '14 at 19:43 You could try looking for a copy of Borland Turbo C (or Turbo C++). As another commenter mentioned, it's going to be next to impossible to find a copy legally since these softwares haven't been sold for a long time.

IBM PS/2 (Model 30) - Technical specifications

"The IBM 8530, Personal System/2 Model 30 is a new general-purpose computer system which provides enhanced function beyond that established by the IBM PC and PC XT*, especially in display graphics, at lower prices to the customer. This system includes as standard, many newly integrated features such as a graphics adapter and parallel port.

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IBM PS/2 model 30 286 upgrade question. 1) I know it uses special IBM PS/2 ram but anyone know if its the same ram the PS/2 model 50 uses? I have a model 50 tucked away somewhere but it has a full 4mb and my model 30 has 1mb. if its the same ram type I'll dig it out and swap them since I don't use the model 50.

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I got my IBM Model 30-286 (8530-H31) After some brushing, lots of wet wipes, cotton swabs and alcohol, it looks great. The Dallas is dead as expected, but I was surprised to see that everything else was working, specially the HDD (several bad clusters though) and the floppy drive!. I added an ATI VGA Wonder 16 with 512K, a Sound Blaster 16 Pro ...

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Note that PS/2 Model 30's (8086 version) have power supply with different connectors/pinout than Model-30/286 and have double density floppy drive instead of HD one. Be sure that it is a model30/286. Model 30/286's don't have onboard memory like 8086 Model 30's, but they still use the same proprietary 30-pin SIMM's.

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IBM model number Name Processor Bus HD interface Case Notes 1987 8525-101 Model 25 8 MHz Intel 8086 ISA 8 bit ... Model 30 286 10 MHz Intel 286 ISA 16 bit ESDI, 30 Desktop Single HD disk drive 1989 8555 55 SX Intel 80386 SX MCA 16 bit ESDI Desktop 1989 8570 70


The Personal System/2 (R) (PS/2 (R)) Model 30 286 (8530-E41) system unit is a 45MB (45 million bytes) fixed disk drive version of. the Model 30 286 and has 1MB 120ns memory standard on the planar. The Model 30-E41 utilizes the 80286 microprocessor operating at 10MHz. with one wait state to system memory and has the following integrated.

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IBM: DOS 3.30: Apr 1987: IBM Personal System/2 Model 30 286 Guide To Operations and Starter Diskette: IBM: PC: 1988: IBM PS/2 Model 30 Starter Diskette: IBM: PS/2: 1988: IBM PC/HOST Terminal Emulator : IBM: PC: 3.5 Disk 5.25 Disk: 1989: IBM Personal System/2 Model 55SX Quick Reference Guide and Reference Diskette: IBM: IBM PS/2: 3.5" Floppy ...

DOS Days - IBM PS/2 Model 30

The later Model 30-286 adds a further 4-pin power connector to supply voltage to the 16-bit ISA bus on those models. Aside from this, the same power supply can be used on the Model 30. The IBM PS/2 Model 55 PSU should also work as a drop-in replacement for the Model 30's. Hardware - …


PC XT - Model 5160. The IBM PC XT is the successor of the IBM PC. The XT stands for E X tended T echnology and was introduced in early 1983. It has enhanced features: CGA graphic card, hard disk, more memory, and no more tape port (!). But it wasn't very innovative. There are in fact two versions of the XT motherboard.

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IBM PS/2 Model 30-286 (Note: Click on the image for a larger view. I also describe this machine in a YouTube video) The PS/2 represents one of the lines developed by IBM in 1987 to wrest back market share from the PC clones. Whilst the plan never worked, the line was responsible for several features which were widely adopted by others.

IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 - Computer - Computing History

Model. 30. 286. The IBM Personal System/2 or PS/2 was IBM 's third generation of personal computers. The PS/2 line, released to the public in 1987, was created by IBM in an attempt to recapture control of the PC market by introducing an advanced proprietary architecture. Although IBM 's considerable market presence ensured the PS/2 would sell ...

8530-286 Planar

A Model 30 (no 286) is a machine equipped with an 8086 CPU and low density 3.5 inch floppy drive(s). It may have a hard disk, usually 20MB. Some high density floppy drives are supported by this computer, though IBM never officially built them this way.

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In New Zealand IBM PS/2 Model 30-286 power supply units don't just sit around waiting to be sold. Neither do PS/2s generally. As luck would have it though, a few months after the PS/2 stopped working another one appeared on Trade Me. What's more it was the same model. A …

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IBM 8530-H31 (Model 30 286) 000-01011895.JPG: 001-01011897.JPG

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Identification: IBM Personal System/2 Model 30 286, 8530-E01. CPU: Intel 80286-10. RAM*: Chipset: Video: integrated VGA. Fixed storage*: Quantum ProDrive 1225S 1.2GB SCSI via Adaptec AHA-1540CF. Removable storage: Mitsubishi 1.44MB PS/2 FDD. Sound: none integrated.


IBM PS/2 Model 30-286. The Personal System/2 or PS/2 was IBM's third generation of personal computers released in 1987. It officially replaced the IBM PC, XT, AT, and PC Convertible in IBM's lineup. The PS/2 line was created by IBM in an attempt to recapture control of the PC market by introducing an advanced yet proprietary architecture. Read More

Schematics for the IBM PS/2 Series (Among Others) | D ...

Here is a complete list of the schematics: – Apple LaserWriter. – Apple Macintosh 800K Floppy Drive. – IBM 3179 Monitor. – IBM 3179A Monitor. – IBM PS/2 Model 30. – IBM PS/2 Model 30-286. – IBM PS/2 Model 50 (missing one sheet) – IBM PS/2 Model 80.

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IBM PS / 2 Model 30 286( . Thinbug. News; IBM PS / 2 Model 30 286 : 19:38:30. : c reverse-engineering cross-compiling decompiler ...

IBM Archives: The first 10 years

the Model 30 286 — twice as fast and offering customers 25 times more memory capacity than the original Model 30. In October: first shipment of Operating System/2 Standard Edition Version 1.1, which features an easy-to-use graphical interface called Presentation Manager.

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IBM 8530-E01 IBM MODEL 30 286 COMPUTER SYSTEM Brand: IBM Part Number: 8530-E01 This is a IBM-Personal-System-2-30-286-8530-E01-Computer-286-1MB-0HDD-POST-w-3 Type:30-pin SIMM Form Factor:SIMM Number of Pins:30 Note: Please ensure that your original part number matches this exactly, or check with the manufactuer for compatiblity. Customers are ...

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IBM ps/2 model 30 286 Motherboard RAM Intel N80286-10 Processor 1987 41F0302. C $82.09. or Best Offer. Free shipping. from Latvia. Z S X p I 6 o n s 0 o r e d 5 L 4 O. IBM 27F4915 DISKETTE FLOPPY DRIVE CABLE FOR PIN FLOPPY DRIVE IBM PS/2 8530-286. C …

The PS/2 Model 25 hard drives won't work in a PS/2 Model 30 Response: Well first of all, there are two specific products that share the same motherboard, the 8086 25 & 30, and the 286 25 & 30. I've tested an 8086 25 hard disk in a 286 30, and it operated just fine. I don't know why so much confusion and mystery has been built around this.

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IBM PS/2 Model 30-286. In 1987 IBM had to offer something to compete with Apple's Macintosh computers. PS/2 line of PC computers was the "next step" of PCs. Models 25 and 30 had 8086 CPU and were highly improved, but still ISA-based PCs. Higher-end models, like Model 50 or 60 had MCA slot.

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Upgrading RAM on your IBM PS/2 Model 30/286 E21 Computer is easy, we carry compatible RAM Memory Upgrade for IBM PS/2 Model 30/286 E21 Computer, the IBM PS/2 Model 30/286 E21 Computer takes the With the addition of a standard 16bit memory expansion board, these systems may be expanded to 16MB.